Rhino Carbon Fiber | Wall Repair kit

Repair Kit

Repair Kit

What comes in the bowed wall repair kit?

Rhino Crack Injection Preparation marking

Kit Includes(Tools may vary depending on project)

(3) 5.5” wide Carbon Fiber Straps (length is determined by kit)

(2) Tubes of RCF Saturant-Adhesive epoxy

(2) Static epoxy nozzles

(3) Sill place brackets

(6) Bolts and washers

Gloves and Instructions

Products commonly used with bowed wall repair

epoxy gun
curing epoxy
tough wipes

Recommended power tools

(Tools may vary depending on project)

5-Inch Surface Grinding Dust Shroud Kit

Bowed Walls Illustration

Use for grinding foundation wall *Use Diamond Cup Wheel

10-Gallon Dust Extractor

10- Gallon Dust Extractor

Collects dust while attached to grinder and shroud tools

Cutting and Tuck Pointing Dust Shroud Tool

Crack Repair illustration

Use to tuckpoint the wall *Use diamond tip blade

Hammer Drill

Staples Repair illustration

Use for concrete removal *Use chisel or spade tip attachment


• Safety Goggles

• Respirator Mask

• Epoxy Gun

• Coveralls

• Drop cloth/ plastic

• Scissors

• Marker

• Hard Hat

• Putty Knife

• Measuring Tape

• Power Drill (1/4” Bit)


Please read and follow safety procedures for all tools and wear proper safety equipment during installation While using power tools follow all EPA/OSHA guidelines for lead paint removal and respiratory protection. For more information visit www.epa.gov or www.osha.gov