Leaky Crack Repair


Rhino Carbon Fiber™ Concrete Crack Lock® stitches are a concrete crack bridging/stitching solution that repair and reinforce concrete cracks, increasing integrity. The Rhino Carbon Fiber™ Concrete Crack Lock® stitch is an evolution of rebar/the carbon fiber staple, developed to take full advantage of the carbon fiber’s tensile strength, decrease labor time and cost while providing a more aesthetic finished look (can easily be painted over or covered with a finishing product)! Carbon fiber is light weight, easy-to-install, durable (10x stronger than steel) and non-corrosive, which eliminates the need for maintenance. Rhino Carbon Fiber™ Concrete Crack Lock® stitches are ideal for concrete slabs, poured walls, masonry, columns, industrial buildings, bridges, roads, swimming pools and hundreds of other residential and commercial applications.

There are a variety of concrete crack bridging/stitching products on the market, however, Rhino Carbon Fiber™ Concrete Crack Lock® stitches are revolutionary, designed to make crack reinforcement more efficient, cost effective and less labor intensive than the competition.

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