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What is Carbon Fiber?

What is Carbon Fiber?

What is Carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is the strongest, man-made material in the world. It is incredibly lightweight and will not stretch. It can be woven into fabric sheets or melted down and molded into various shapes to create hundreds of different products. It is a material made up of small fibers of carbon. These small fibers were found to be exceptionally strong individually, but when thousands of these fibers are woven and bonded together, they are stronger than steel.

The process to make carbon fiber is complicated and was originally very expensive. Since it was so expensive, carbon fiber was only reserved for critical applications like space shuttles, airplane wings, and bridge repairs.
Today, mass production of carbon fiber has made it more accessible and affordable to use in every day applications. Due to its outstanding performance and popularity, carbon fiber is now used in other products such as motorcycle helmets, bullet-proof vests, and golf clubs just to name a few.

Finally, carbon fiber is affordable to use in residential foundation repair applications. Once carbon fiber is bonded to the wall with epoxy, the wall can no longer deflect or move. Whencarbon fiber is applied, it actually makes the wall stronger than it was before. Carbon fiber applications are commonly used prior to basement remodeling projects so that homeowners can remodel with the assurance that their walls are solid and are as strong as they can be.


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Due to its great strength and light weight, carbon fiber is being used across more industries and products every day. You have probably used a product made of carbon fiber or benefited from the use of carbon fiber without even knowing it!
One of the first industries to use carbon fiber was aerospace. Helicopters, airplanes and space shuttles all still use carbon fiber. It is perfect for aerospace applications because of its light weight and exceptional strength. Those same qualities make it a good option for marine applications. Some boat manufacturers are making boat hulls and sailboat masts out of carbon fiber to add strength without adding weight. Hovercrafts, air boats, and ultralights are also made of carbon fiber.

An ultra-strong yet light material also makes sense for car manufacturers. Many car parts are made of carbon fiber, car hoods, spoilers, drive shafts, and dashboards all have carbon fiber options. Some cars have carbon fiber framing. Motorcycles often use carbon fiber as well for wheels, tanks, and accessories. Most motorcycle helmets are also starting to be made of carbon fiber for the added strength and safety. You can also find carbon fiber hardhats, face masks and bullet-proof vests.

Industries are using carbon fiber when it matters most to create lighter and stronger machinery and equipment. The military even uses carbon fiber for many items from ultra-light rifles to the new Humvees. It is also used on large government and commercial construction projects. Bridges, tunnels, large parking structures and commercial buildings are constructed and repaired using carbon fiber products.

A recreational market for carbon fiber products is growing. Remember any time light weight and strength is a goal, carbon fiber becomes a valid option. Sports enthusiasts are finding carbon fiber golf clubs, racing bikes, hockey sticks, racquets, and paintball guns. There are even carbon fiber novelty items such as counter tops, jewelry, iPhone covers, toilet seats, and mouse pads. These items don’t necessarily need to be indestructible; however, just the fact that they are made of such an amazing product makes these novelty items a new kind of luxury.

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