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Rhino Vs. Wall Anchors

Rhino Vs. Wall Anchors

Wall anchors, or wall tie backs, use the ground outside the foundation to stabilize the wall. First, the installer digs into the yard outside to install the outside anchor. Typically, the outside anchor is about 10 feet away from the foundation wall. A plate is installed on the inside of the basement wall and connected to the outside anchor with a rod. A hole is drilled into the foundation wall to thread the rod through to connect the two anchors. The idea is to use the ground as a stabilizer and will stop the wall in the basement from moving. Most wall anchors can be tightened with the bolt on the interior plate. This keeps the wall anchors secure and can slowly pull the wall back into place over time.

This option is more expensive than other foundation repair options because more labor and excavation is involved. It is also not as effective. The pressure placed on the block wall can actually crush the blocks. Aesthetics is also an issue with this option because the interior plate is a visible eye sore. Since it needs to be tightened every few months it needs to stay accessible and cannot be permanently covered.

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Rhino Carbon Fiber is noninvasive. There is no need to excavate the yard like you do with wall anchors. Sometimes installing wall anchors involves ripping up driveways, landscaping, and even digging into the neighbor’s yard. You never have to worry about that with Rhino. Wall anchors only hold the wall while Rhino Carbon Fiber strengthens the wall and prevents further inward movement.

There is no maintenance involved with Rhino Carbon Fiber wall supports. Once it is installed, it is done. Anchors require maintenance. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to tighten the bolts on a regular basis. Since the wall anchor system requires maintenance it has to be accessible. Rhino Carbon Fiber has a flat finish that becomes part of the wall. It is virtually invisible when painted. In certain cases, using Rhino Carbon Fiber and wall anchors can be beneficial. They work well with each other and enhance the foundation repair and strength.

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