Rhino Carbon Fiber | The Dig and Push Repair Method

Rhino Vs. Dig/Push

Rhino Vs. Dig/Push

The dig and push repair method

Dig and push is another foundation repair method to fix a severe bowing block wall. This is used when the bow is flexed worse than a two-inch bow. To install a dig and push system, the ground is excavated around the perimeter of the foundation wall. This relieves the pressure of the soil on the outside wall. On the inside of the foundation wall, hydraulic jacks are used to push the wall back into place.

Dig and push method
Example dig and push method
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After the wall is back where it should be, there are several options to hold the wall in place. Many times steam jacks are installed. Sometimes beams or even carbon fiber wall supports are installed on the interior wall to prevent the wall from moving again. Obviously, there are issues with installing steel beams and the same applies to steam jacks. Permanent beams or jacks are large and stick out from the wall causing serious aesthetic issues. The same issues arise with resale value or if you ever want to convert the basement to living space. Excavating the outside perimeter of the foundation wall is always more expensive than interior methods. It is more expensive because it adds to the labor and installation time. Sometimes this method is very difficult or impossible to accomplish depending on the property. It can be devastating to your yard, driveways, flowerbeds, and anything else that may be in the way.

Beams or jacks don’t support the wall completely or strengthen the wall. Beams and jacks only support the wall at the wall brace and at the highest point in the bow. This will allow for the wall to continue to move in the future. The wall will most likely be weak and more prone to future cracks and potential failure. The best option for the wall support after the dig and push is carbon fiber because it actually strengthens the wall. It is best to catch your foundation issue before the bow is bad enough to need a dig and push. However, if you have a severe bow, carbon fiber alone will not be able to fix the problem. This is when dig and push combined with Rhino Carbon Fiber® wall supports can work together to the solve the current issue and keep it from happening again.