Rhino Cabon Fiber Wall Supports

Product Overview

Our patented Rhino® Carbon Fiber Wall Supports link the foundation base with the house framing making it the strongest system on the market!

The carbon fiber is fastened to the sill plate with a galvanized bracket and secured to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. Deterioration does not occur because our patented carbon fiber system is secured to the foundation wall allowing for an even distribution of outside pressure.

Advantages include:
  • Strongest wall repair system available
  • No deterioration or movement
  • Minimal intrusiveness
  • Fast, clean installation

Rhino® Carbon Fiber Wall Supports can easily be painted to help prevent the aesthetic problem with potential buyers, or covered with white wall panels.

The images to the left represent an installed Rhino® Carbon Fiber Wall Support.
  1. Galvanized Sill Plate Tie (Top Left)
  2. Ancored Pin Into Footer (Bottom Left)
  3. Carbon Fiber Epoxied To Wall (Right)


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